Iris Automation Raises $1.5 million for BVLOS Flights

By Tyler Short

Yesterday, Iris Automation Inc., a drone technology company headquartered in San Francisco, CA (and recent graduate of leading startup accelerator program, YCombinator) announced that it raised $1.5 million in a financing from investors. The CEO of Iris Automation, Alexander Harmsen, stated “We’re using this investment to accelerate product development, scale the early adopters program and make completely autonomous and beyond visual line of sight drone operation a reality.”

Iris’ technology allows for drones to track moving objects around it, and to ultimately avoid collisions. Thus, this technology will enable drones to be flown beyond the visual line of sight. The ability to fly drones safely beyond the visual line of sight greatly expands drone uses for several industries (i.e. package delivery, pipeline inspections, agribusiness, etc.)

Iris’ $1.5 million raise has several implications for the drone industry. First, there are large investors looking to invest money in the drone industry. Second, there are technology companies developing cutting edge advancements for drones. And third, the advancements in technology have the potential to change the way business is done in several industries. 

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