Crowded Skies are Coming

By Tyler Short

Google recently completed a series of tests related to multiple unmanned aircraft systems operating in the same airspace. The tests were carried out by Google and organized by the FAA and NASA. With an eye towards creating a world where delivery by unmanned aircraft systems is a reality, Google has created a traffic management platform that has the capabilities of automatically plotting the paths of multiple unmanned aircraft systems and then updating the paths while in mid-flight. This platform may be the key to operating several unmanned aircraft systems in the same area.

The tests were done in the open with relatively few unmanned aircraft systems participating; however, this is a necessary first step. The Google team has plans to continue to test their software in more complex environments with the end goal being the ability to control the unmanned aircraft systems in an urban environment, bad weather, and skies with lots of traffic.

As companies like Google continue to innovate and move the world closer to crowded skies, businesses in all industries need to stay up-to-date on the advancing technology. The technology will change the way that business is done, and the technology presents several areas of opportunity in all industries.

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